Ningxia Shinri Casting Co. Ltd.

Ningxia Shinri Casting Co. Ltd. is the newunited group co.. Relying on professional experience in newunited  group's strong financial strength and Ningxia Shinri the Chang Cheng Machine Tool Co. Ltd. 40 years focus on machine tool, group company in Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone of Ningxia, the modernization construction of the international first-class standard of resin sand with annual output of 6000 sets of CNC machine tool plant modernization constant and an annual output of 40 thousand tons capacity of casting factory, has formed its own the industrial chain.

Using mature casting technology and equipment at home and abroad, the annual production capacity of resin sand castings 100 thousand tons. The investment in civil engineering and equipment is completed in two phases, and the production capacity of resin sand castings is 40000~45000 tons / year for the first phase. The two stage expansion project increases the production capacity of castings by 60000 tons / year, with a total output of 100000 tons / year.

Full use of resin sand molding process and medium frequency coreless induction furnace melting, to ensure the quality of castings and improve production efficiency. Resin sand production line is mainly composed of shakeout machine, crushing machine, centrifugal regeneration recycling machine, sand temperature regulator and sand mixing machine and other mechanical equipment, between them using belt conveyor, bucket elevator, hopper, pneumatic conveying system, water cooling device, dust removal system connected to form an independent production complete system, molding and core making process. The first phase of metal smelting uses two sets of 10t/6500kw double power supply medium frequency induction melting furnace. Using a "two" power supply, a system consists of two furnace body, the output power can be distributed freely between two electric furnace. When an electric furnace is operated, one is heated up, the other can be insulated at the same time, or two electric furnaces are simultaneously smelted or kept warm. The melting rate of electric furnace is highest, reaching 20t/h, and the maximum one-time tapping capacity can reach 40 tons, forming a complete smelting system integrating iron, refining and pouring.

As a private enterprise carrying the mission of revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry, we will uphold the concept of "people-oriented, positive innovation, and strive for excellence", and provide customers with first-class products and first-class service.

Ningxia Shinri Casting Co. Ltd.